Australian Falcon GT Register

The Australian Falcon GT Register is being set up as a repository of information, history and knowledge, relating to the production of Australia's greatest "Muscle Car" range... the Falcon GT!!!  This site has been developed for the benefit of all people interested in Falcon GTs - from all eras - and has two major areas. 

The first area is designed to provide some basic information and background history on each of the various models... from the original XR GT of 1967, to the BA GT & GT-P, currently in production.  The second area, is designed to be a registry of all Falcon GTs produced, highlighting all the variations available over the years.

The site is currently undergoing continual development and is expected to be up and running properly in the near future... so keep checking the site for progress.

If you would like any information on the Australian Falcon GT Register, or would like to provide specific information on known Falcon GTs, please send an email to and I will try to get back to you ASAP.


Paul Tilley
Australian Falcon GT Register



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